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Golden Burrito aims to provide full service catering for events of all sizes. Be it weddings and receptions, seated dinner parties, corporate events or seafood boil, we aim to create a tailored menu perfect for your event. Our focus is to make your event as grand as we can with most delicious food on offer. We always aim to take care of all of the details and guide you through planning for any size group. Basically we cover all these areas-

Indoor Catering–Functions such as birthday parties, cocktail parties etc. are most of the times organized indoors. We are fully equipped with the best in terms of indoor catering in New Jersey. We guarantee the best food at an affordable price.

Outdoor Catering-Outdoor events such as pool parties, baby shower functions etc. are more demanding in terms of décor and catering. We ensure you the best outdoor catering services with food that will have you drooling in no time.

Wedding Catering-Wedding is one of the most auspicious events where perfection is mandatory. We make sure that the food that yours guests get to eat is of top-notch quality. Our wedding catering services conform to the highest quality standards so that you never have to regret.

Golden Burrito aims to produce the finest food with the best ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Additionally, we aim to work simply by using the best ingredients possible and creative styles of presentations which can make you feel special to host a special event. Elevating the grandeur of your event on the frontiers of food, drinks and sophisticated presentation is our goal as our main vision and aim is the satisfaction of our clients and customers.

There are endless reasons to have a celebration. We aim to enrich all these reasons with the spices and condiments of our quality service and make them memorable.

Farm To Table

“Farm to table” is our major mission as amidst the multitude of various factors of excellence, we aim to provide our guests with quality, healthy and tasty food. We always focus to provide fresh and locally grown ingredients from the farms and source to you.

Our mission is to create delicious and healthy dishes, as we understand that the beauty and flavor of food originating from the freshness and genuineness of the ingredients. This makes our cooks coax the head dishes with everything fresh and best.

We always try to maintain transparency in our services and pricing policies as providing quality services at affordable prices is one of our major objectives.

Since food is always the center of attraction during each event, our goal is to make your event worth every effort. Golden Burrito New Jersey understands the importance of food quality, representation and display at an event. We want these qualities to stand out for you and your guests. We along with our team looks forward to providing consistent industry-leading event service, coordinated table and event décor and impeccable attention to our clients, goals, challenges and expectations.

Our Team

Our team of staff at Golden Burrito comprises of professionals who are highly experienced and are passionate about hospitality. All of our chefs and waiting staff and stewards strive to make your event as perfect as possible. Golden Burrito is proud to have a team of qualified and experienced event managers who can assist with managing and running your event efficiently without hampering your festive mood or raising the brows of your guests. Staffs of Golden Burrito are expected to be able to turn their hand to whatever task comes to the forefront.

Catering For All Functions

Golden Burrito caters to functions ranging from small dinner parties of few guests to sit-down dinners of hundreds and thousands of people. From boardroom lunches to cocktail parties, we specialize in making events special and memorable. We specialize in providing quality food and serving facilities for corporate breakfasts, lunches, cocktail parties and all thoseoccasions which gives you the reason to celebrate. In addition to usual catering requirements, we cater to your needs of organizing alcohol parties at your home, pool or beach. Not to miss the birthday and wedding catering services as well!

All you need to have is the reason to celebrate; Golden Burrito will handle the event with all its specializations and decades of experience in delivering quality food, drinks and satisfaction to its clients and customers

What makes Golden Burrito special?

Golden Burrito, New Jersey has scaled heights of success and fame due to the quality and excellence of service and presentation provided by its highly qualified, trained and certified team of cooks and stewards. We always strive to provide service at par with the requirement of our clients and customers. In this quest of Golden Burrito to book a nice place in your heart along with the leading position in the list of catering services of New Jersey, our services are packed with the following special features:

  • We take food seriously and source fresh farm-picked ingredients to you
  • We always prefer locally grown organic food to make your guests have the delights of delicious yet healthy food.
  • We combine traditional practices with a progressive approach to meet all types of the requirements of our clients and customers and achieve best results.
  • Starting from the kitchen to your food table, everywhere you will find our people to be ethically and professionally smart to cater all your needs efficiently.
  • We can tailor customized menus depending upon your requirements.
  • We cater for every event from large-scale conferences and gala dinners to weddings, cocktail parties and intimate birthday celebrations.
  • We have all the required certifications and licenses from local authorities permitting us to cater you the best catering service at New Jersey.

Packed with years of experience and multifarious expertise and specializations in catering services, Golden Burrito is one of the leading premium catering companies of New Jersey. Since incorporation, Golden Burrito has been servicing the catering needs of New Jersey and has established an unmatched reputation in the community for delivering high-end results.

Why Hire Us

  • Food Quality- Our food quality is top notch. Everything is made fresh and served.
  • Portions- Portions are customized according to your requirements and are never less than the desired quantity.
  • Service- All our staff members ensure quality service and are eager to help.
  • Availability- We are available 24*7 , all days of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

Events Covered- We cover all the events ranging from big to small- parties, functions, birthdays, weddings etc.

To make your event special and memorable topped with the best delicacies from the kitchen of Golden Burrito, all you need is the wish to celebrate.

Contact us now for making your special event all the more special.

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